Konkani audio songs

  •     Piti Piti
  •     Piso
  •     Lorna with Remo Fernandes
  •     Cu CU Ru CU
  •     Claudia


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Radio Goa-1




 More Goan Music (courtesy GoaHolidayHomes.com)

and More Goan Music (courtesy Konkani.co) including Konkani Christmas Carols








I’m mad about coats, and mad this one isn’t mine!Getting the faux fur down from mum’s attic is one of the few things I look forrwad to once the weather turns colder. I hope last years find still fits me.Looking forrwad to seeing your ‘mother of all’ maxi dress, I can’t believe the rate you’re churning clothes out at.Still can’t believe you snapped up that coat for such a great price!


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