GOA NSW Youth was setup in 2012 and became an offical Subcommittee of the Goan Overseas Association Sydney NSW Australia in 2013 for Goan youth and their friends aged between 18-35.

Our aim is to connect and learn about our Goan culture, in a fun, engaging Australian atmosphere. We want to do this through networking with, and build lasting, supportive relationships with Goan youth from all over NSW and internationally.

The youth group organise a variety of formal/informal events and activities throughout the year and in different locations across NSW. Some past activities include rock climbing, bowling, karaoke, picnics, weekend trips away, fun runs, bush walks, pub crawls and beach days just to name a few.

The GOA NSW Youth have made a conscious effort to give back to our Goan and Australian community by taking part in Dance performances for the GOA, Bunnings BBQ fundraisers and Konkani classes. All of these initiatives are run by the youth.

The youth group has a committee who organise opportunities for youth to connect and also work collaboratively with the Executive committee of our parent association – GOA NSW.
Your youth committee for the 2017-2019 term is:
• Shelley D’Souza
• Chloe Rosario
• Dean Do Rosario
• Deon Smith
• Rebekah Crasto
• Jason Smith
• Nelton D’Souza

Please feel free to approach our fun, friendly team via our youth email: goanswyouth@gmail.com

You can keep up-to-date by visiting and liking our official Facebook Page: GOA NSW Youth


Looking to seeing you at future events. Viva Goa!