Executive & Board


Left to Right: Ralph, Diogo, Brian, Shelley, Alwyn, Agnes, Abel, Wendell, Joseph,Aaron

Executive & Board

Executive Team 2017 – 2019

Alwyn Henriques                               President (alwynhenriques@hotmail.com )

Brian Mathias                                    Vice President & Sports Secretary

Agnes D’Souza                                   Secretary/ Public Officer

Abel Do Rosario                                Treasurer

Ralph Vaz                                           Social Secretary

Joseph D’Souza                                 Cultural Secretary

Wendell Drego                                  Youth Development &  Community Services

Diogo Fernandes                              Committee Member – IT & Web Admin

Aaron Braganza                                Committee Member – Marketing and Social media


Youth Committee 2017 -2019

Shelley D’Souza                               Youth Leader

Dean Do Rosario                             Committee Member

Deon Smith                                      Committee Member

Nelton D’Souza                                Committee Member

Rebekah Crasto                               Committee Member

Chloe Do Rosario                            Committee Member


Board of Trustees 2019 – 2021

John Fernandes                              Chairman

Manuel Fernandes                         Secretary

Cyprian Fernandes                        Trustee

Joseph D’Souza                              Trustee

Dunstan De Souza                         Trustee



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