GOA NSW Matrimonial Service



Dear Members,

I hope you and your families are well.

As Goans, it is our responsibility to ensuring the continuity of the Goan cultures, traditions and beliefs for our future generations. It has been an observation, that there are umpteen Goan families in Australia, who are in search of a suitable life partner for their children.

Having a life partner from the community, would certainly be a value addition to the family. Such an alliance would support the continuation of our Goan culture and values. It would also ensure a seamless union of both families, due to the closely matching cultural and religious beliefs. In line with this, the community services team of GOA NSW is happy to pilot its matrimonial advertisement service, which is a free-of-cost service for all current members. The primary aim is to help Goan bachelors & bachelorettes in their search for a suitable life partner.

Members interested to fill an application form for this service may please email their request to mygoansw@gmail.com

We hope the community finds this service helpful.

Best Wishes,
Olivia Estibeiro
Committee Member
Goan Overseas Association NSW Inc