•     Piti Piti
  •     Piso
  •     Lorna with Remo Fernandes
  •     Cu CU Ru CU
  •     Claudia


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Radio Goa-1




 More Goan Music (courtesy GoaHolidayHomes.com)

and More Goan Music (courtesy Konkani.co) including Konkani Christmas Carols






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  1. Aanandhan says:

    I’m mad about coats, and mad this one isn’t mine!Getting the faux fur down from mum’s attic is one of the few things I look forrwad to once the weather turns colder. I hope last years find still fits me.Looking forrwad to seeing your ‘mother of all’ maxi dress, I can’t believe the rate you’re churning clothes out at.Still can’t believe you snapped up that coat for such a great price!

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