Migrants to share stories

Migrants to share stories
25 Jan, 2012 08:40 AM
IF YOU migrated to Australia in recent decades and still live or work in the Hurstville municipality, then now is the time to share your story.

Hurstville City Library, Museum and Gallery and the Powerhouse Museum’s NSW Migration Heritage Centre are calling for expressions of interest for former migrants to take part in a new multimedia exhibition, which will feature stories and keepsakes that trigger memories about migrating and settling in Australia.

Andrea Fernandes from the NSW Migration Heritage Centre said the stories would be recorded in a way to explain what life was like in their former homeland, their journey to Australia and the challenges faced when settling.

“We want community stories to be recorded in a way that those special items former migrants keep are used to tell their stories and explain their situations,” Ms Fernandes said.

The Hurstville community migration stories will be displayed online in the form of text, video clips, photographs from the past and special display items.

The NSW Migration Heritage Centre has 150 community stories online and will include the Hurstville stories in its collection.

“In peoples’ expressions of interest we ask them to mention if they had some involvement in major events in world history; it is not essential but it would be of interest for us to know,” Ms Fernandes said.

“For example, if someone was one of the students who was in Australia during the violence at Tiananmen Square and their stay was extended by Bob Hawke then that would be of interest.”

Other examples include the Vietnam War or unrest in Sri Lanka or the Middle East.

“It is important that we capture these stories while we can,” Ms Fernandes said.

“It is a way of telling stories from the past for present and future generations.”

Hurstville City Library, Museum and Gallery recognises the importance of documenting and preserving community stories, including those belonging to migrants.

“It is important that stories which are meaningful to the Hurstville community be kept,” curator Jessica Allen said.

If you migrated to Australia after 1974 and live or work in the Hurstville municipality you can express your interest in taking part on 9330 6444.

Closing date for responses is

Friday, February 24

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