Kitchen medicines get popular with NRIs to cure ailments

Yudhvir Rana, TNN | Jan 16, 2012, 02.55PM IST
AMRITSAR: A large number of Indians residing in UK , Canada and US are now fast moving towards kitchen medicines to cure lifestyle diseases and are seeking expert opinion for various ailments including diabetes, hypertension, mood and eating disorders, mental illness largely caused due to work stress, dietary patterns and weakening family bonds.

“Stress and stress induced disorders coupled with poor dietary habits were like a slow poison spreading among Indians who have settled in these countries” said AS Mahal, a herbalist while talking to TOI upon return from UK where he had gone to deliver a talk on healthy eating habits and curing common ailments with the use of kitchen medicines. Mahal is well known name among Indians living abroad for his radio talks on healthy dietary habits and use of kitchen medicines to ward off diseases.

“I don’t prescribe medicines but simply advise people to change their eating habits and use the traditional condiments for healing common ailments rather than rushing to doctors for quick relief” he said.

Harpreet Gill, a UK resident told TOI over the phone from London that most Indians become victim to various disorders due to sudden climatic changes and dietary habits and start taking symptomatic treatment but with their prolonged use they develop resistance to these medicines and continue to suffer.

“So, now we look back to our roots and simple treatments with the help of stuff in the kitchen, and it is doing wonders,” said Gill.

Mahal said that kitchen herbs were not only important in cuisine but for healing purpose also. Their aromas regulate the flow of vital energies throughout the body, many of them help to improve digestion, others have antiseptic values.

He said if wisely used common kitchen spices could keep majority diseases at bay.

“There are large number of Indians who want to take the herbal route to health even knowing that it could take some time to cure but still they want to know how turmeric, ginger, cinnamon , black pepper, clove , nutmeg could help them keep healthy ” said Mahal.

Shelza Malhotra, another UK resident said she imports herbs from India for her store in London. “Recently the demand for Indian spices and herbs have increased due to their therapeutic use” she said.

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