Salutations – POPE FRANCIS

Born on 17th December, 1936,
In Buenos Aires of Italian decent,
Was ordained in 1969,
Rose from priest, bishop, cardinal,
And finally a Pope.

Years of studies , training and experience
Didn’t give up, his learning
All this didn’t happen,
By the touch of a magic wand.

You over came all hurdles
White smoke emerged from the funnel
For God got you ready for the call
From the assembled Cardinals at the hall
Chose you first as,
The Bishop of Rome,
Head of the worldwide Catholic Church,

And Sovereign of the Vatican City, State.
You chose the papal name “Francis”,
In honour of Saint Francis of Assisi
Your humility knows no bound
Cannot be measured in pounds,

No luxury house,
No luxury vehicle,
You housed yourself, in the guest house.
If you think you will get a ride,
In the Papal vehicle,

Get ready, Pope Francis
Has better and brighter ideas,
Traveling in public vehicles
For that kind of simple, humble man is he.

When he was Archbishop in Buenos Aires,
Under his leadership – the priests assigned
To work in the slums, doubled.
As Cardinal Bergoglio, in the suburb of Olivos
Cooked his own meals.
He had relations, with other religious communities,

The Eastern Orthodox, The Oriental Orthodox,
The Protestants, The Jewish and Islamic
In one of his writings, he wrote,
“Dialogue is born from attitude
Of respect for the other person,
From a conviction, that the other person’s
Point of view, opinion, and proposal.
To dialogue entails a cordial reception,
Not a prior condemnation,
In order to dialogue, it is necessary,

To know how to lower the defenses,
Open the doors of the house,
And offer human warmth”.
Your interesting dialogues,
Has a way to build bridges,
Between people of all background,
Beliefs and faiths,
Combined with love for the forsaken
And some hatred from all around.
You roughed it all out,

Didn’t bother about the clouth,
You made a plea for humanity to become,
A better guardian of creation,
By protecting the environment,
You said that:
“We ask the risen Jesus,
Who turns death into life,
To change hatred into love,
Vengennce into forgiveness,
War into peace”.

On your first Holy Thursday, as Pope,
You entered a jail in Rome,
Washed the feet of twelve inmates,
In the age group of 14 to 21,
Amongst them two were women.
One a Serbian muslim,
The second an Italian catholic.
You changed the routine history,

Moved with time in the 21st century
Your whole life is one big history,
No fairy tales, no mysteries,
Because you are created of a better mould,
Since God has given you, a heart of gold.

Mary D’cunha
Mahim Mumbai
Aunty of Tony Colaco