A Recipe Book or an Adventure Novel?

“The Adventures of Barnaby Sprout” combines two enchanting elements – Fantasy and Food. Blend the two together and a “StoryCook” book unfolds.

Our adventure begins on a faraway magical land called Asic, the inhabitants of which, are known as Alumni. A proud bunch they are, priding themselves in all sorts of things, but most importantly, cooking exquisite delicacies! Out comes Barnaby Sprout, the youngest Alumni of the lot, but strikingly unique to the others on the land. For starters, poor Barnaby could not stir something together for the life of him.

The thing you should know about Alumni, is that when they are born, each one of them is paired with a pink bird-like creature called a Flapingo. Throughout their lives these two form a strong bond of friendship that see the both of them help each other out in any way possible. Barnaby however was born without his buddy, and some say may be the cause of him not knowing how to cook.

Accompany ‘him’ along the journey as Barnaby embarks on an adventure of a lifetime in search of his very own Flapingo. On the way he bumps into an array of fairy tale creatures, one wackier than the other that teach him all sorts of things, most importantly – how to cook! Learn to make these easy to prepare recipes yourself, whilst at the same time embark on a breathtaking voyage that lets your imagination run wild. Continue reading the adventure..

Ryan Thomas, is the son of our members Silroy and Yvette Thomas. This Children Story cook book is called ” the Adventures of Barnaby Sprout “. You can read about it and purchase it on www.storycook.com.

This book has recipes that are oriented to not only children, but the adults too would find them interesting!

Ryan has been excited since the publisher Bookpal picked it and agreed to publish it. Please spread the word around.

Here’s an interesting bit of Goan news, surprisingly published in Karachi.

The world’s two richest Catholic Goans

By: Radharao F.Gracias

This last week saw the death of Gracias Saldanha, undisputedly the richest Goan in the world. At the time of his death he was ranked 69th on the list of richest Indians, with a net worth of 805 million dollars, according to Forbes. No other Goan figures in the list. He kept a low profile and not surprisingly there was very little mention of him in the Goan media at the time of his death.

He was Chairman Emeritus of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a company headquartered in Bombay, he founded with his pension fund in the year 1977. The company now has drug manufacturing units in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and elsewhere. Glenmark has a presence in ninety five countries in the world. Saldanha earlier worked with leading pharmaceutical companies like Abbott Laboratories and E Merck and was an MSc from Bombay University with a diploma in management studies from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

His Business Profile reads: “Gracias Saldanha is another reclusive billionaire. This 70-year-old is the owner of Glenmark, one of India’s top harmacy firms where he has clocked over four decades. The real difference between him and other pharmacy billionaires is his quest for drug discovery. He is betting big money not just on generic drugs, but also ensuring that he can find some new stand-alone products. This is a risky and expensive bet and could determine the kind of legacy he leaves the industry. His other push is acquisitions, with the latest being a Czech drug firm last year. Very little is known about his personal interests, but it is believed that he has a fondness for art and is also a collector of antiques.”

Besides pharmaceuticals Saldanha’s other interest was horse raising, and “Game to Remember” a horse owned by him won the upper division of the Confucious Plate for horses five-year old and over in Bangalore the day he died. Gracias Saldanha made the health of the nation his priority, and wealth followed. Saldanha hails from Saligao (where else? The village seems to have an uncanny ability to produce great men), and he still owns his ancestral house. Glenmark is now headed by his son Glen Saldanha.

As Saldanha bloomed in Mumbai, the second richest Goan in the world is flying high in Malayasia. Anthony Francis Fernandes is the fifteenth richest man in Malayasia with a net worth of 650 million dollars, according to Forbes. Tony, as he is generally known, is the son of Dr.Steven Fernandes from Carxeta, Velim, Salcete, who married a Malacca Kristeng (descendants of Christians from the former Portuguese colony of Malacca, where the body of St.Francis Xavier was initially buried after he had died in Sancian, China). Tony studied at Eton and later graduated from Epsom College. After working for Virgin Atlantic and Warner Music Group he decided to start a budget/no-frills airline. He was advised by the Malayasian Government to take over Air Asia, a heavily indebted and failing airline. Pulling all his resources after mortgaging his house he took over the airline and as others laughed at him, turned it around and today it is the most successful airline in South East Asia. He is also into hoteliering and has started a hotel chain, Tune Hotels which like his airlines is a no frills concept, with hotels in Malayasia and Indonesia.

True to his Goan roots he is into Sports and is President of the ASEAN Basketball league. He is also into Formula car racing and is the owner of Lotus Racing F1 Team. And he has done something that every Goan should be proud of – he is now the Chairman of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) holdings having purchased sixty six percent of their shares. He thus becomes the first Goan to own a football team in the English Premier League, which is an incentive for Goans to shift their allegiance from Manchester United to QPR.

Fernandes has been honoured by the King of Malaysia with title Tan Sri, Dato’ Sri and also by the Government of France with the Legion d’Honneur Order.
In 2011 Tony Fernandes was awarded a CBE or Commander of the Order of the British Empire “for services to promote commercial and educational links” between Malaysia and the UK. He has won innumberable awards including the 2010 Forbes Asia Businessman of the Year.

From the success of these two Goans, it is evident that a Goan has to go out to get on in life. And, it is equally clear, that one can achieve huge wealth through honest hard work, something which cannot be said about the super rich in Goa who have amassed huge wealth in one of two ways, namely, rampant destruction of the environment through dubious mining or realestate activity. And these are classified as the patriotic Goans.