Research project called ‘Multiculturalism and Temporary Migration’ – contact Elsa Koleth at or on 0438 809 662

Dear Mr. Colaco,

I am writing to request the assistance of the Goan Overseas Association of NSW Inc in a research project called ‘Multiculturalism and Temporary Migration’, which is being conducted in the Department of Sociology at the University of Sydney. My name is Elsa Koleth and I am a PhD candidate in the Department, under the supervision of Professor Stephen Castles (Research Chair in Sociology). This study is being undertaken for the purpose of completing my PhD dissertation, with a view to disseminating the results of the study more broadly in conferences, journal articles and other publications.

The project investigates the way in which temporary migration challenges and extends existing visions of multiculturalism in Australia. The central case study of the project concerns people who have migrated to Australia from India, as India has become one of the main source countries for both permanent and temporary immigration to Australia. It examines the experiences of migrants from India who are in Australia on a long-term temporary basis, those who arrived in Australia on temporary visas and transitioned to permanent status in the last ten years, and more established migrants from India who have lived in Australia for longer than fifteen years.

It is hoped that the findings from the case study will contribute to a better understanding of the issues facing people who migrate on a temporary basis, as well as implications for Australian society in responding to the changing nature of migration (particularly the increase in temporary migration) and diversity in cities and local communities. In the process, it is also hoped the study will shed more light on the experiences of the growing population of Indian migrants in Australia.

I am seeking to recruit participants of Indian background who are living in Sydney and who meet one of the following criteria to be interviewed for the project:
– Individuals who migrated to Australia from India on a student visa and currently have temporary migration status in Australia
– Individuals who migrated to Australia from India on a Temporary (long stay) Business Visa (Subclass 457), or are dependents of a person who migrated on a 457 visa, and currently have temporary migration status in Australia
– Individuals who first migrated to Australia on a temporary visa (whether student or working visa) between 2000 and 2012 and have now acquired permanent residence in Australia
– Individuals who migrated to Australia from India prior to 1995 and are long-term settlers in Australia.

At this stage of the project I am writing to enquire whether your organisation would be willing to assist in communicating with eligible people to participate in the study. The assistance requested is the circulation of a notice that invites participation in the study amongst the organisation’s networks. The notice could be circulated, as appropriate, in the form of an email, and/or flyer notice in relevant publications circulated by the organisation (e.g. newsletter or bulletin), and/or at events held by the organisation (hardcopies of the flyer notice can be supplied for this purpose if required).

Your organisation’s assistance in communicating with potential participants for this study would be most valuable. I would be grateful if you could inform me whether this would be possible. If so, I can forward you a copy of an email and flyer notice to be circulated amongst your networks in the relevant forms.

I would be happy to discuss these matters further with you at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me at or on 0438 809 662.

Yours sincerely,

Elsa Koleth

Elsa Koleth | PhD Candidate
School of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
RC Mills Building, A26 | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006
T +61 438 809 662 | E

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